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Event Marketing

If you want to build business, and have meaningful conversations with potential customers, you have to go where the people are. Festivals, concerts, and municipal events are proving to be fertile grounds for low pressure discussions. People like the idea that companies are willing to come to them and have a face to face conversation without an AI chatbot.

This is where you do something completely different. This is where you try something outside the box. This is where you have fun. We help you promote your brand in new and exciting ways. The calendar is filled with opportunities to leverage your brand with the revelers who participate.

Event Management

We don’t take over your event marketing, we enhance it, with new promotions and executions. We let your sales team be relaxed free while take care of the little things. Off hour trade show booth coverage, experiential marketing, and grass roots events in your community are where we strive and make you look good. Don’t shy away from the people who buy your products and services because it’s out of your sales teams comfort zones…sub it out to us and turn a negative into a positive.